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Introduction Topic Mattel Winged Eagle Title

Post by Feyth » Sun Nov 03, 2019 7:51 pm

Hello, My Name is David.

The first title belt I ever made was of paper and cardboard. It was of the Reggie Parks design Winged eagle and it looked pretty good as I recall. Sadly I don't have it any more, that was in junior high which for me was in the early nineties. This past Friday November 1st 2019, I purchased a Winged Eagle made by Mattel in 2017. I think it could have been done far better then it was, Some items admittedly would have added to the price point. Considering these were made by the millions, I can't imagine the cost being massively more expensive. That said, I've set out to improve the Mattel Winged Eagle Title for my own collection and since of nostalgia. If someone would be kind enough to direct me to where artwork of the Reggie Parks plates could be found. I'll be thanking you.

Until next time I remain David Faith.

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