Let Me Tell You Something About Myself Brothers

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Let Me Tell You Something About Myself Brothers

Post by JohnnyP123 »

Hello forum,
I’m starting to get into belt collecting &stumbled across this forum. A little about me…

I’m pretty much a lifelong wrestling fan. I started watching wrestling in 1987 when I was around 3 years old. I continued watching until about 2002. Thats when I became interested in other hobbies cars and pool. In 2005 I joined the military and got back into being a wrestling fan in early 2008.

I purchased my first wrestling belt around January of 2009. It was a Andre 1987 Figures Inc belt that I still have to this day. I purchased it in new condition on eBay for $350. After that purchase, I made a wooden placard to display it & have had it hanging up in my homes ever since.

My wrestling collecting hobby remained pretty dormant after that until around 2014, when I got into collecting WWE elite figures. My Nxt belt purchase was in 2017 when I bought a Jakks WWE title at Toys R Us. From there on out my acquisitions are in order as follows: Figures Inc NXT tag team title (live event 2017), Figures Inc Blue Winged Eagle (WWE shop Black Friday 2019, Figures Inc ECW title (Amazon 2021), and Modified/Releathered Black Winged Eagle title (EBay 2021).

Needless to say now I am becoming more interested in this hobby and joined this forum to learn more about it. If I can figure out how. I will add a couple pictures of my collection to this post. Nice to meet you all & I look forward to positive interactions with this forum.

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Re: Let Me Tell You Something About Myself Brothers

Post by Cena12345 »

Sweet collection !!! That’s a joy to see , welcome , I’m new as well .
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