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Belt for sale

Post by Chippy » Sat Nov 21, 2020 2:02 pm

What’s up my good brothers,
So glad I found a forum with real deal
belt enthusiasts. I have been a long time belt collector.
owning everything from cheap foam belts at MSG souvenir stands to real deal Reggie belts. I find it so interesting that this private forum is like Alcoholics Anonymous for wrestling belts, we help each other, and keep people that are not serious away. We can talk privately among collectors who share our same passions for REAL belts. Which in fact belt making is an art! People laugh at others for paying 10k for a belt when they would spend 10 times that on a painting because it’s says Picasso on the bottom. Same thing..
***LOOKING TO BUY 1980’s Ic belt.. Let me know if anyone is selling or Trading. THX FOR HAVING ME!
Question?? What is it called on WWF 80’s Ic belt when the side plates have small extension where you can see belt color thru the plate. ONLY A REAL DEAL COLLECTORs WOULD KNOW THIS!!

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