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Post by mrsain19 » Thu Jun 06, 2019 11:59 am

honestly I think my affinity or title belts began before my love for pro wrestling/boxing/MMA. my very first title belt was made for me at the age of 4, by my uncle, out of a paper and clear tape, fresh after seeing Hogan win the title from the iron sheik. he traced a can coaster for the head "plate" and did the rest free hand lol. over the years of my childhood, I made belts for myself. of course, I tried to re-create all of my favorite belts, so I could have matches I my grandparents basement with pillows, and friends and cousins of course. the older I got, the more elaborate they got. from clear tape, to masking tape, to crayons to metallic markers, to duct tape and cardboard, to using Velcro to put them on instead of big paper clips lol. even took apart a disco ball and used the pieces on a couple for added flair.

once the replicas were made, I was elated. I think ive owned 20-30 replicas since they began making them.

ive heard about this site forum, and im finally making my way out here, at the ripe old age of (almost) 40. maybe ill finally land me a "real" belt. stay tuned. either way, im glad to be here.

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