Thee Lone Jobber say yo.

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Lone Jobber
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Thee Lone Jobber say yo.

Post by Lone Jobber » Tue Sep 06, 2016 5:13 pm

Good day there Sir or Madam, the names Jobber, Lone Jobber. Silly name I know but I've used it since '99 so it's stuck. Prior to being my everything net handle was a character I made for an eFed. Currently I'm in the Extreme Wrestling Alliance ( which has been good. Titles, lets see here. No reals, but that's okay I guess. Decent assortment of replicas though. Original ones where the WCW Big Gold and WWE Undisputed. For non-WWE belts, I've since been able to pick up classic ECW World, ECW Phoenix, and NWA World Heavyweight. On the WWE side I've picked up cast Big Eagle, cast Winged Eagle and Million Dollar Belt (classic ringed version in commemorative.)

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