Hello, I'm Jamie

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Hello, I'm Jamie

Post by jbryant500 »

Hi, I'm Jamie - based in Sydney but originally from London.

My fandom began with WWF Warzone on the PS1 back in 1997; though got hooked around the time of Royal Rumble 2000. Very much a smark these days!

Belt wise I have had a 24 year obsession with the WWF Big Eagle (especially the scratch 2000 - 2002 design(s)). Started off making by own from cardboard and pens during the Invasion angle; bought a replica on eBay in 2003 (from David Corn if anyone remembers him); and then the Deluxe replica some years later (complete with a Kurt Angle themed CoA), which I managed to get signed by Stone Cold Steve Austin in 2009. Unfortunately, having graduated in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, I had to sell whilst seeking employment.

I'm now looking to take the ultimate step in my mid-30s and buy the real deal - so do hit me up if you know of any opportunities for a genuine Big Eagle from 2000-2002... Serious buyer here!

I would also be interested to know how many ring used Big Eagles are out there (what the turnover rate was when the Big Eagle was current), and how collectors find out the time period/ champion who used their belt? Is it as simple as matching pieces to old footage, or this there a serial number linked to usage?

Cheers and thanks for looking,


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