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New Member, Longtime Belt Fan

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Hello all,

I’ve finally joined after finding this site years ago and lurking for a while. I stopped checking in because I felt my addiction kicking in, but now finally bit the bullet and came back to become a member.

I started watching wrestling as a youth back in the 80’s, when Bob Backlund was the WWF champion, Pedro Morales was the Intercontinental Champion, and Mr. Fuji and Mr. Saito were the tag team champions. Back then, wrestling was aired Saturday nights at 11:00 pm and I remember trying my hardest to stay awake to watch. I was instantly drawn to the belts although they were underwhelming at the time. I eventually started making my own belts from cardboard, replicating all the different NWA styles I would see in Pro Wrestling Illustrated and whatever magazine had the best pictures where I could get a good view of the belts.

I was so psyched when I first saw a replica of the Big Gold belt for sale in a local comic book store in the early 90’s and finally saved up enough to buy one. I’ve eventually acquired a Figures Inc. Winged Eagle (block logo) and Big Eagle (WWF scratch logo), as well as an ECW world championship and Domed Globe, however I don’t know who made them.

I’m excited to be apart of a group of people who love championship belts as I do and am looking forward to learning and sharing. Eventually I’d like to get these belts releathered, as well as finally getting a few more belts I’ve always wanted.

Sorry for the long winded intro and thanks for reading.

Mike (MykL316)

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