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Introducing Myself

Post by MilesCollier »


I’m Miles, some of you may already know me, but for those that don’t, I’m the man behind Immortal Leathercraft. I’ve been a member of the Belttalk Facebook group for a while now, but haven’t ever ventured into the forum.

I started collecting in 2018, just a few replica belts, then started to get them Releathered, and then the pandemic hit and I discovered the world of belt collecting on Facebook. I’ve always been a collector of memorabilia and ring worn items, but collecting belts was just something that didn’t peak my interest until late on.

In 2021 I decided I’d like to know more about the leather process, as I’d established a growing collection of belts, and wanted to be able to have them as accurate to what I watched on TV as possible. I reached out to various people for advice on getting started in leathercraft, Daniel Ripley, Paul Martin, Ryan Stokes to name a few, and I also watched some YouTube tutorials. Roll on a few years and I now have a growing fan base of my work and a job working with Main Event Belts.

Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell, look forward to some good interactions and insight over here. Nice to meet you!

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Re: Introducing Myself

Post by NorthSeaTiger »

Miles is a good lad. Talented too. You should show some of your work in the rep section mate. Welcome to the forum. :)
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