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New member introduction

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Hey all, Dutzy here. New to the board and really new to the community. Grew up in central IL and was fortunate for Rosemont and Chicagoland to be a frequent stop for bigger shows and house shows to hit closer to my town. Came up during the attitude era primarily (little before) and my first live event was Wrestlemania 13 followed by Monday night raw the next night in Peoria. Great way to kick it off. Here now because the wife and I went to Friday night SmackDown last night in Lafayette, Louisiana and I saw all the replica belts being carried around. The straps have always been an interest to me, watching WWE treasures and more have had my interests sparked for a bit but was doing some more research today and found the forum via web search. I don’t have much value to add right now but hoping to search to boards and learn more. Thanks for having me.

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