Hello everyone! Im new here! Heres why:

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New Zealand

Hello everyone! Im new here! Heres why:

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Hi everyone! My name is Tama and I live in new zealand and I am really into proffestional wrestling! I have multiplue belts! My first one was a wwe universal championship and my newest official one was a wwe big gold toy one! I recently made one that is the blue strap big eagle! I am currently making tag team chamoionships for my backyard wrestling brand mnzw (Mega new zealand wrestling) I am also looking for a ecw championship replica belt, If I end up getting this belt it will be my first replica belt! I really love the old yellow strap ultimate warrior ic belt! I also love the smoking skull steve austin belt! But that is all from me! Thanks for reading and have a good day! :D :D :D

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