Big Golds and Big Eagles

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Big Golds and Big Eagles

Post by Bgmnmtt »

Hey guys, here's my intro post.
I only just recently started buying replicas. I've got a Fandu big gold antique variant and a boot WWF big eagle.
I don't mind that they're not officially licensed from the wwe shop. The leather strap is important to me and it seems that wwe can't really keep up in that department. It's also a childhood dream of mine fulfilled to have a wwF big eagle... Not a wwE one.
To that point, I'm looking for something for a new big eagle... A big brother to the Fandu I have now.
It's a toss up right now between Fandu Luxe, Groovy G, and few independents from Facebook.
Looking for any recommendations for a true to size and relatively high quality crumrine for a reasonable price. More than five or six is expected but I don't really want a comma in the final price, y'know?
And tips appreciated. Looked like Groovy G is the best bang for the buck out there that I've found.

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