After 8 long years, finally!

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Tony Stank
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After 8 long years, finally!

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I have come back to And tbh everything looks pretty much the same. I was totally expecting the site to look different. But enough about that. I used to be a member about 8 years ago. My name back then was Church5SiX1. I owned a few replicas but sold them all as I had 3 kids and times were tough. I have since bounced back financially and am doing well enough to buy the toys I once owned again. I don’t know if I’m going to expand the collection too much but I have recently purchased the WWE shop dual plated winged eagle. Ideally I’d like to repurchase the white strap IC with the WWE logo and the Blue Big Eagle. If I manage to get those three that would be my ideal collection. Anyway, that’s all for now, and I look forward to admiring everyone’s belts.

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