How to delete account?

Any problems with the forum? Am I going to be doing work on the site that will require downtime? Discuss here.
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How to delete account?

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I was tickled each time I would receive any of the new belts in my collection, But my collection is pathetic at best... Each day on the site is a reminder of a hobby I liked to enjoy that has become a "hobby" I cannot afford to enjoy...

My time here was okay... I never got any deals or anything, never got a chance at a nice releather... and I'm okay with that, but at least I never sold or gave away a belt with a deal I never would have gotten in return, I'm just out while I'm still above the red... the belts can sit in a tote or something until the hobby levels back out to what it once was.

Until then, Arrivederci belt talk

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2005(ish) Figs NWA 10Lbs/Gold
That ugly Independent Figs belt from like 2002, spraypainted to hell
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