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hello from satchelmcqueen

Post by satchelmcqueen » Sat Jun 16, 2018 3:17 pm

Hey all! im new to the belt collecting community but not new to pro wrestling. i started watching the nwa in 1980 when i was 5. i became a huge nwa fan and despised the wwf and hulk hogan type of wrestling. ric flair and southern style wrestling was what i loved. i hated ric flair but respected him as "one of us" and knew he could kill hogan if hogan ever had the guts to face him lol. but as time moved forward i became a huge flair fan and fell in love with the big gold belt in 1986 when it first debuted.i wasnt sure how or when, but i knew that i had to somehow try and make that belt myself even if it was crude. i tried in 12th grade shop class to cut out of steel the plates but i failed horribly.
then when the internet came along i realized i could have one made professionally and it be real. i finally have a real big gold crumrine of my own now. i will post some videos soon.

i stopped watching wrestling regularly in 2001 after wcw was sold but kept up with it in a general sense to see what flair did. after 2008 when flair retired the first time, i stopped almost completely. i have only watched about 30 minutes of any wrestling since 2008 as i just cannot stand how stupid it all became. i am still an old nwa and old wrestling fan and still watch the old stuff on youtube. thanks all!!

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