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Finally Back.....

Post by The Villain King » Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:05 am

Well I was here back before the new board as I King Rob or King Robert, it's been so long now i don't remember what it was. I started collecting the kids replicas as I was growing up and was always interested in belts like most people here. I used to love Saturday mornings as a kid because I would get up, go to the living room to watch the Saturday morning wrestling shows and would play with my wrestlers as I watched. EVERY week I would try to make mini belts for my figures using some unit crests (he was a full time AGR member of NC National Guard) my dad had given me to play with. I would use them as the main plates and used cardboard/aluminum foil as the straps and IMO they were dope lol....

A couple years ago I started saving a little here and there to get my first adult belt which was going to be the NWA TV Title or an inexpensive BG (#1TV Title #2 BG & #3 US Tag) replica. Unfortunately I was having some problems with vertigo and bad headaches that were bad enough I had to see a doctor. After going to a specialist I was diagnosed with something called Acoustic Neuroma. My case was caught early and the tumor was small nut was still a problem and had to be removed. I'm not gonna go into a class on it, but Google it and you will see the treatment/surgery info. After the surgery I was doing ok until around 4 months later near the end of October last year. I wasn't feeling well and because of the surgery and symptoms I decided to go to the ER but my family was out of town so I had to drive myself. One of my younger cousins lived near the hospital so I decided to pick him up to go with me in case something was REALLY wrong. I picked him up and as we pulled up at the intersection in front of the hospital I remember slowing down at the red light and the next thing I know I was in an ambulance. My cousin said I stopped and then slumped over. When it happened my foot came off the brake and I coasted into the intersection and clipped the back end of another truck. I had no feeling on certain parts of my body mainly the l doctor told me I had a stroke and they gave me a couple different meds including a clot buster. I eventually got the feeling back in most of my body and since then I haven't been able to do very much. Everything I saved up has went towards having to sustain me until I can get back to working which is a whole other issue. It takes a REALLY special person to fire an employee that has worked his ass off with no problems for several years after he has life threatening medical issues. Anyways, my belt fund was wiped out but I'll eventually be able to start saving up again hopefully.

Sorry for the mini novel.....

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