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Hello Everyone

Post by relliklive3131 » Sun Jun 03, 2018 7:31 pm

Hello everyone. I have had an infatuation with wrestling belts since first started watching wrestling at age3. My first memory in life is being 3 years old in 1978 seeing Dusty Rhodes and Superstar Graham wrestle. Starting at age 5 i would get in trouble for using up all my mom's aluminum foil and scotch tape making belts. I currently own 1 belt made by the absolute best in belt making Dave Millican, 1 hybrid of J-Mar plates and Dave Millican leather, 1 Mike Hamilton Big Gold, 1 Millican authenticated TNA "IWGP style" world championship prototype with smaller grommets, several replicas original UFC middleweight, UFC newer layered version,ROH World (grommet red back version) and a couple more. I also have a designed by me custom being made by Dave Millican and a Winged Eagle on order with Dave Millican.

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