Hello, I am Elias...

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Hello, I am Elias...

Post by Ben » Sun Apr 21, 2019 5:43 pm

...just kidding. :) My name is Ben (38) and I come from Germany. I am a wrestling fan since 1994 (especially WWF/WWE) and my first PPV was Summer Slam. Since I watch wrestling I was very impressed from the Championship Belts. Especially from the WWF Winged Eagle Belt and the WWF Intercontinental Belt. I started collecting at the beginning of 2000. The first belt was a Figs.Inc. WWF Big Eagle Belt, the second one was also a Figs.Inc. WWF Winged Eagle Belt. Years later it was time to get a little bit more serious. :) I bought from a private collector a releathered (Mrs. Bearnstein) Master Series WWF Winged Eagle Belt and also orderd a fully loaded WWF Winged Eagle Belt from Dave Millican. The time I ordered my belt from Dave was at the end of 2014. I know Dave has a ton of work, hopefully my dream belt knocks one day on my door. There are two other Belts in my small collection, first a WWF Big Eagle (Block Logo) Belt I also bought from a private collector. The second one is a Big Gold Belt made by Billy Loomis from Belt Performance. Okay, that was it for now. I am very excited about the members of this site and the contacts that result from it.

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