new looking for help and some insight

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new looking for help and some insight

Post by abalogan » Sat Mar 09, 2019 8:54 pm

i am Dotan from Israel. hardcore fan on and off for 20 years, i get really deep in wrestling and get out, get in get out, now with aew and the network i hope it's in all the time now.
i know alot about werslng but new to belts.

i am looking to get my first, real ones are to pricey, bootleg suck so i guess it's figs for me ;).
i will for sure re-leather it.

i wanted a big gold, but that realy needs to be real (TRb jeweler style with wwe style strap) so i am looking to get 99-02 WWF scratch logo IC belt.
is there a 4 mm version of it??
also what would be a good price for one?
i was offerd a realy mint shape 2 mm with re-leather by Double Krown(do you know him?) woth slight curve for 550$ is it good?

Nice to meat you all

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