I am so new to BeltTalk! Massive WWE Fan! Just found this! Also, will be a new belt restoration person (electromagnetic)

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I am so new to BeltTalk! Massive WWE Fan! Just found this! Also, will be a new belt restoration person (electromagnetic)

Post by KaHoJakeLeung » Thu Mar 07, 2019 2:49 am

Hello everyone,

((As pronounced))

My name is Ka-Ho ((Car Ho)) Leung ((Lung)) aka "Jake". I am 31, from Nottingham, England, UK. I am a big WWE fan still. I am a men's bespoke tailor, also I love wrestling with a passion. Wrestling helps me to be who I am today. I am in love with the WWE Belts especially the Women's Belts due to the design & everything is different and unique of the Women's Title. Even though that I am not a woman, but I am so sucked for them, I should have gone for the men's titles, but some are the exceptions such as the WWE United Kingdom Championship, The Spinner Belt and the oval Intercontinental Championship. But, I find the Women's belt more appealing for my liking. I have the WWE Women's Championship (Ruthless Aggression (Lita held the title)), WWE United Kingdom Championship (in the middle of getting it altogether, releathering, restoning and so on to get it as authentic as I can)) & the new NXT Women's Championship (Asuka, Ember Moon, Shayna Baszeler & Kairi Sane held it).

I want to find answers to the WWE Championship belts as in like the microns and karat of the WWE Gold (mainly the United Kingdom Championship) also, I will be providing the electromagnet plating service in the future once I have my WWE United Kingdom Championship belt been done. It is all new for me, but I am going to do my best for getting it as authentic as possible for myself. I have a huge passion for getting real belts, however, just to change replicas to near getting closer to the real thing. That is why I am here and I will be posting the WWE United Kingdom Championship Belt topic discussion in the REAL BELT section.

Also, I am a YouTuber as well that I have forgotten to mention as well! Here is My YouTube Channel! don't forget to subscribe as well because I do reviews on merchandise, also vloggings and will be doing some interesting wrestling videos too!! It won't be successful without your support! ^_^

I will see you all very soon!!!

Nice to meet all of you!!!!

Ka-Ho (Jake) Leung

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