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Post by craigkostelecky » Thu Feb 28, 2019 11:49 pm

Hello all.

I'm a single, 39 year-old, full-time dad of 3 boys (10, 9, and 5) as well as a 3 year old girl. In the late 90s or early 2000s I bought a WCW replica US title for around $300 back then. I wanted either the Winged Eagle or the Intercontinental title, but I don't think those were as easy to find back then. The fake leather on the US belt was very stiff, but I was pretty happy with the quality. For a while, I had a poker game going between some friends and the winner got to keep the belt for that week. I believe I sold it to a younger neighbor a few years later.

In the last few months, I started looking at YouTube videos of belts and saw that the old WWF belts were now available more readily. I didn't have much money and my social life was almost entirely with my kids. But as time went on, I felt an almost irrational need to buy a belt to feel like a kid who wanted to be a world champion one day.

So I started looking on ebay at the different belts and I looked at a few different options that were shipping from Pakistan. The one I ended up picking was $165 with free expedited shipping. It took 6 days (spanning the weekend) to get to Wisconsin so the speed was fast. The plates are 2mm thick and the leather claims to be real (I don't know enough about it to know if it is real or not). I watched some videos about the Pakistan belts before ordering, but decided to take a chance as I was happy with my old US Championship replica 20 years earlier. And even the $165 was more than I wanted to spend then, so I didn't want to get anything more fancy.

The quality is a little better than what I expected. The plates all look great for my tastes. The logos are all WWF, the bars are attached to the plate, and the leather feels great. There were only two minor differences that I saw between the picture and what I got (there are 14 male snaps instead of the 16 that were pictured and the shape of the leather around the top of the belt is more round than what was shown).

For the price, I am satisfied with it. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking a replica belt that isn't too picky. Any serious collectors will want something better though. I am certain I'll never be picky enough to get a "real" belt (unless I suddenly get extremely wealthy) but I may one day look at getting 4 mm plates and possibly going dual plated. Maybe I'll add the classic IC belt one day too.

It does feel cool to have a belt I can wear, but I also know I need to lose some weight (I'm 270 lbs with almost all of it in the gut) as I can only get the last snap to attach right now. So if I get any fatter, I'll need to wear it Yokozuna style over my shoulder.

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Re: Intro

Post by BeltFanDan » Fri Mar 01, 2019 9:01 am

Welcome. The belt you purchased is an bootleg. Read up on the forum to better educate yourself on them, the differences between bootlegs, replicas and real belts.

We do not promote bootleg belts here as those people straight up steal from us.

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