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Hello Belt fans!!

Post by DAVPHINS » Mon Jan 21, 2019 8:46 pm

Hey belt fans,

Wrestling fan since 1982. NWA, WCW, WWF up until 2001. Favorite wrestlers- ROCK N ROLL EXPRESS and Arn Anderson. Started into belt collecting in 2001, my first was a crown logo Reggie Parks IC. Then got which was “my holy grail” a NWA TV title black leather, next was a NWA US title, then a WCW- WOW US title all by Dave. Those I kept no matter what. Others would come and go. I stopped collecting in 2010, focusing on family. Not long ago I lost all 3 of my belts, the NWA tv & US title and the crown IC to a apt fire. I miss them every, yes every day. You all know growing up what belts you loved and wanted, they were mine. Only had Renters insurance for 10k and that had to go to replace EVERYTHING we had to start over and that was not wrestling belts, especially with prices now. So I’m now ready to try to just get one belt by Reggie or Dave from back in the day, or another great belt maker, to satisfy that kid in me......

Glad to be here! Can’t wait to talk and chat with you all

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