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Nastolgic Wrestling Fan

Post by MostEvilest » Sat Oct 13, 2018 7:14 am

Ello everyone.

I have been a fan since the 80s. I remember watching the first Wrestlemania on TV with my brother. I remember how I missed out going to Wrestlemania 3 because it was that or a transformer I REALLY wanted. (Trust me, I'm still kicking myself for that one.) Oh how I miss the days of Hogan, Savage, Piper, Dibiase, Shieky baby, and what people would have called the golden age of wrestling.

Along with the larger than life superheros who battled on our screen I have also loved the belts. My absolute favorite has always been the mid card titles, especially the Intercontinental Championship. To me, it is the best championship as it gives off the perfect aura of championship material with, in my opinion, underrated superstars. I mean, come on would a Piper world title run REALLY have ruined the WWF?

While the design of the IC title captured my artistic heart with it's simple yet elegant design it was when the Winged Eagle and the million dollar titles were finally reveled that my love for belt design really took off. Since then, I have played around with creating my own designs. One of my lifegoal is to recreate an reimagining of the only championship I ever won back in my late teens as the original is such a faded memory now and lord only knows where that belt ended up despite that it was to go to me when we "closed shop" back in 1997.

I've recently got into collecting some of the belts I've seen here online. I have a 2mm WCW US belt that is old and worn out these days and recently just purchased a 4mm WWE IC title in which I really love. I am looking forward to picking up more. The next belt in my sights in the WWE World Championship in which I can change the side plates.

Anyways, I think this is long enough so I will end by saying Ello and I look forward to joining the conversations.

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